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by Birmingham, John.

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TitleAngels of vengeance : Without warning, book 3
Author / Responsible partyBirmingham, John.
GenreSuspense stories.
TopicsSuspense stories. Science fiction. End of the world -- Fiction. International relations -- Fiction. Alternative histories (Fiction)
Intended AudienceAdult
PublisherVisAbility Ltd.


When an inexplicable wave of energy slammed into North America, millions died. In the rest of the world, wars erupted, borders vanished, and the powerful lost their grip on power. Against this backdrop, with a conflicted U.S. president struggling to make momentous decisions in Seattle and a madman fomenting rebellion in Texas, three women are fighting their own battles, for survival, justice, and revenge. Special agent Caitlin Monroe moves stealthily through a South American jungle. Her target: a former French official now held prisoner by a ruthless despot. To free the prisoner, Caitlin will kill anyone who gets in her way. And then she will get the truth about how a master terrorist escaped a secret detention center in French Guadeloupe to strike a fatal blow in New York City. Sofia Peiraro is a teenage girl who witnessed firsthand the murder and mayhem of Texas under the rule of General Mad Jack Blackstone. Sofia might have tried to build a life with her father in the struggling remnants of Kansas City, if a vicious murder hadn't set her on another course altogether: back to Texas, even to Blackstone himself. Julianne Balwyn is a British-born aristocrat turned smuggler. Shopping in the most fashionable neighborhood of Darwin, Australia, now a fantastic neo-urban frontier, Jules has a pistol holstered in the small of her lovely back. She is playing the most dangerous game of all: waiting for the person who is hunting her to show his face, so she can kill him first. Three women in three corners of a world plunged into electrifying chaos. Nation-states struggling for their survival. Immigrants struggling for new lives.

Additional Information

System control numberS13994
Original Print PublisherSydney : Macmillan, 2011.
Series statementBook 3 of the Without Warning (The Disappearance) series
Series statement (Book 1 of Series Title)Book 3 of the Without Warning (The Disappearance) series
NarratorTom Weiner.
Narrator NameTom Weiner.
Participant or performer noteTom Weiner.
Contains Strong/Coarse languageStrong language
Narrators GenderMale narrator
Contains Violent ContentGraphic Violence