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by Cornwell, Bernard

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Title1356 : The Grail Quest Series, Book 4
Author / Responsible partyCornwell, Bernard
GenreHistorical fiction, War stories.
TopicsHistorical fiction, War stories. Poitiers, Battle of, France, 1356 -- Fiction. Great Britain -- History -- Edward III, 1327-1377 -- Fiction. France -- History -- John II, 1350-1364 -- Fiction. Hundred Years' War, 1339-1453 -- Fiction.
Intended AudienceAdult
PublisherVisAbility Ltd.


A fascinating hero, the pursuit of a sword of mythical power and one of England's greatest and least known battles - Thomas of Hookton, a veteran of Crecy and many other battles, is the leader of a mercenary company of bowmen and men-at-arms who ravage the countryside east of Gascony. Edward, Prince of Wales, later to be known as the Black Prince, is assembling an army to fight the French once more but before Thomas can join, he must fulfil an urgent task. That is to to seek out the lost sword of St Peter, a weapon said to grant certain victory to whoever possesses her. La Malice, a sword of mythical power guaranteeing victory to its owner, is thought to be concealed somewhere near Poitiers. With signs that a battle between the English and the French is looming others are seeking the treasure too, and some - French, Scots and even English - are pursuing their private agendas against Thomas. But all - Thomas of Hookton, his enemies and friends and the fate of La Malice - become swept up in the extraordinary confrontation that follows, as the large French army faces the heavily outnumbered English to battle.

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System control numberS14730
Original Print PublisherLondon : HarperCollins, 2012.
Series statementBook 4 of "The Grail Quest Series"
Series statement (Book 1 of Series Title)Book 4 of "The Grail Quest Series"
NarratorJack Hawkins.
Narrator NameJack Hawkins.
Participant or performer noteJack Hawkins.
Narrators GenderMale narrator