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by Von Daniken, Erich.

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TitleThe gods never left us
Author / Responsible partyVon Daniken, Erich.
GenreMythology, Religion.
TopicsMythology, Religion. Civilization, Ancient -- Extraterrestrial influences. Life on other planets. Space theology.
Intended AudienceAdult
PublisherVisAbility Ltd.


Erich von Daniken supplies a fresh perspective on his ancient astronaut theory and his years of research on his belief that extraterrestrials visited Earth. The Gods Never Left Us contends that recent advancements in biotechnology, astrophysics, engineering, and artificial intelligence not only give us a fresh perspective on his ancient astronaut theory but actually validates it. We are--as a race--embarking on the exact same trajectory of our own interplanetary colonization, just as von Däniken suggested Earth itself was colonized. ETs are definitely at work today. And that affects all of us. Why do they do what they do? What could an extraterrestrial species possibly gain from observing us in the same way we look at ants? What have these strangers wanted for the past thousands of years? Can't they leave us alone? And what makes it so difficult for us to acknowledge the existence of these extraterrestrials? That is what this book deals with.

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System control numberE15068
Original Print PublisherWayne, N.J. : New Page Books, a division of The Career Press, Inc., 2018.
Narrator NameSean Runnette.
Participant or performer noteSean Runnette.
Narrators GenderMale narrator