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by Fuller, Sue.

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TitleGentle yoga for the absolute beginner
Author / Responsible partyFuller, Sue.
GenreMind and body, Self-improvement.
TopicsMind and body, Self-improvement. Hatha yoga. Exercise.
Intended AudienceAdult
PublisherVisAbility Ltd.


If you are new to yoga or have had a long break from exercising, the floor-based yoga classes in Gentle Yoga for the Absolute Beginner are perfect for you. These classes are easy to follow and allow you to experience the many benefits of yoga without applying unnecessary stress on the body. Gentle Yoga consists of two different 30-minute guided yoga sessions. These gentle, easy-to-follow sessions are not physically demanding and have been created to gently mobilize and release tension from the body without placing stress on any joints. Gentle Daily Yoga consists of five different 15-minute yoga sessions designed to be used once per day in rotation. Each class will mobilize the body, release stress and tension, and help to relax and calm the mind. These classes provide the many benefits a regular yoga practice offers without taking up too much time. Gentle Yoga for Mindfulness is a 35-minute guided session that combines an effective series of gentle, floor-based yoga postures with the practice of mindfulness. The body is moved with care and awareness, bringing you the benefits of both practices. Please do not listen to this audio while driving.

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System control numberS15351
NarratorSue Fuller.
Narrator NameSue Fuller.
Participant or performer noteSue Fuller.
Narrators GenderFemale narrator