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by Fairbairn, Hannah

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TitleWhen you can't believe your eyes
Author / Responsible partyFairbairn, Hannah
GenreHealth, Self-development, Blind education.
TopicsHealth, Self-development, Blind education. Vision loss. Blind -- Services for -- United States. People with visual disabilities -- Services for -- United States.
Intended AudienceAdult
PublisherVisAbility Ltd.


This book was first projected in 2004, when Author Hannah Fairbairn was teaching interpersonal skills at the Carroll Center for the Blind in Newton, Massachusetts. The experiences of her adult students and her own experience of sight lost convinced her that everyone losing vision needs access to good information about the process of adjustment to losing sight and practical ways to use assertive speech. When You Can't Believe Your Eyes is intended for anyone going through vision loss, their friends, and families. It will inform readers how to get expert professional help, face the trauma of loss, and navigate the world using speech more than sight. Each of the twelve chapters in the book contain many short sections and bullet-point lists, intended to facilitate access to the right information. It begins where you begin at the doctor's office or the hospital. Since vision loss takes many forms, there are suggestions for questions you might ask to get a clear diagnosis and the best treatment. Part One also has a description of legal blindness and possible prevention, advice about your job, and tips for life at home. Part Two is about believing in yourself as you deal with the loss, the anger, and the fear before you come up for air and consider training. Parts Three and Four describe using assertive speech and action in all kinds of settings as your independence and confidence increase. Part Five gives detailed information about everything from dating, and caring for babies to senior living, volunteering, and retaining your job. It is hoped that by reading and trying out the suggestions, the reader will recover full confidence, become a positive, assertive communicator, and lead a satisfying life. Because vision loss happens mostly in older years, the book is written with seniors particularly in mind. Professionals will also find it to be a useful resource for their patients.

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System control numberE15326
Original Print PublisherU.S.A. : Charles C. Thomas Publishers Ltd., 2019
Narrator NameNarrated by Joan Scafe and Recorded by Susie Punch.
Participant or performer noteNarrated by Joan Scafe and Recorded by Susie Punch.
Narrators GenderFemale narrator