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Requirements (Copyright Act specifics)

Under the Australian Copyright Act of 1968 as amended states persons who are blind, vision impaired, dyslexic or have a physical or intellectual impairment which prevents them from reading or handling conventional printed materials are entitled to access the content provided by VisAbility's library service, including recorded books and other reading matter. Similar provisions are found in the copyright laws of most other nations as well.

Certifying authority

NOTE: Individuals who are blind or vision impaired can provide a photocopy of any of the following as proof of disability without need for s certifing authority.

  • A Blind Citizens of Australia ID card
  • A state or territory transit card (Travel Pass)
  • Other disability identity card

A certifying authority can be but is not limited to any of the following :

  • Doctors of medicine
  • Doctors of osteopathy
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Optometrists
  • Registered nurses
  • Ministers of religion
  • Postal clerks
  • Police and other civic officers
  • Professional staff of hospitals, institutions and public or private welfare agencies
    • Therapists
    • Social workers
    • Case workers
    • Counsellors
    • Rehabilitation teachers
    • Superintendents
    • Teachers
    • School principals
    • Other educational professionals
In the absence of any of these, certification may be made by professional librarians or by any person whose competence under specific circumstances is acceptable to us. Please contact Library Services on 08 9311 8202 for additional information.

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