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  • Title : The Girl from Baghdad
    The Girl from Baghdad
    • Author : Nouri, Michelle
    • Narrator : Narrated by Kerry Fasolo and recorded by Jane Gibbs.
    • System Number : S14097
    • Collection : Nonfiction
    • Audio Length : 8 hours 1 minutes
    • Genre : Autobiography.
    • Summary :
      The true story of a woman torn between two worlds.
      The true story of a woman torn between two worlds. Michelle Nouri was born in Prague but grew up in vibrant pre-war Baghdad. Her privileged Iraqi childhood was like a fable; full of sun and games with her sisters and cousins in the crowded house of Bibi, matriarch of the powerful Nouri family. As a young girl, Michelle didn't fully understand the tensions between East and West that existed in her upbringing - Muslim ceremonies, Christian friends, Communist restrictions, private ballet classes and overseas trips. Her adolescence complicated things as family tradition dictated she should marry a cousin. She resisted - and instead found herself flirting with Uday Hussein, Saddam's eldest son. He invited her into a seductive world of tennis matches and moonlit concerts. But then, without warning, her privileged world imploded. The idyllic city of her childhood was devastated by war, and her father deserted his family to take a second wife. Michelle, her mother and sisters were abandoned and left impoverished. In desperation, they fled to Czechoslovakia, and embarked on a painful and emotional journey between cultures - Arabic, Communist and Western.

  • Title : Margaret Rutherford : Dreadnought with Good Manners : A Biography
    Margaret Rutherford : Dreadnought with Good Manners : A Biography
    • Author : Merriman, Andy
    • Narrator : Narrated by Barbara Godwin and Recorded by Christine Bryant. (Female)
    • System Number : S14450
    • Collection : Nonfiction
    • Audio Length : 10 hours 12 minutes
    • Genre : Biography.
    • Summary :
      Margaret Rutherford was without a doubt one of Britain's best-loved comic actresses.
      Margaret Rutherford was without a doubt one of Britain's best-loved comic actresses. But behind the kindly, serene front Rutherford presented to the world lay a life of trauma and repeated nervous breakdown the legacy of the legacy of family tragedy that saw her father murder her grandfather during a bout of mental illness and her depressive mother later kill herself. Andy Merriman's acclaimed biography intrigued and shocked readers with these revelations when it was published in hardback. Now out in paperback, it is also a portrait of one of our most individual actresses. Rutherford appeared in such thoroughly English classics as Blithe Spirit, The importance of Being Earnest, Passport to Pimlico and I'm All Right, Jack! But above all she was Miss Marple, in four films and entirely created for the screen the role of Agatha Christie's elderly and fearless private detective that subsequent actresses like Joan Hickson and Geraldine McEwan have continued. Rutherford first played Miss Marple at the age of 70, and insisted on wearing her own clothes to feel right in the part. Above all, this was a vulnerable woman whom no-one failed to like and respect, notable again and again for quiet acts of kindness, whose life story has great appeal to everyone who appreciates both classic English comedy and simple human decency.